Web 2.0 Interface Design

Today, 80% of the features in business software remain relatively unused by the majority.

Recent studies show that 50% of customers are put off by complex technology. If you want your Web 2.0 Interface Design to be succesful you need to help your customers by creating an user friendly and easy to use simple interface that is straight-forward and intuitive to use.

Brains4All can help you because we're the experts on the subject. We've created several unique designs for various web interfaces for a wide variety of websites and web applications.

To help you get started
here is a step by step guide:

  • 1Who is it for?
    Define your target audience of your web application, website or web service. Decide who it is for and what the most value is your customers are going to receive from using your system.
  • 2What is your goal, what are you trying to do?
    Define a clear and meaningful goal your system helps your customers achieve. What is the value your system provides?
  • 3Prioritize.
    Make a stringent selection of the most important actions or tasks someone using your web site or system needs to do often to have access to the value you plan to provide.
  • 4Create sketches.
    Create some simple sketches on paper that illustrate how the interface is supporting your customers achieve their goals as defined in the previous steps.
  • 5Gather feedback.
    Gather feedback by talking about and disussion of the sketches.
  • 6Implement the feedback into a detailed design.
    A detailed Web 2.0 Interface Design consists of:
    • General Look and Feel of the application or interface. It supports most of all the experience of the customer.
    • Detailed implementation of data and information in screens.
    • Simple interactions of the customer with the system, including screens and tasks.
    • How the interface supports your customers in a friendly and simple way.
  • 7Iterate
    • Gather feedback for ideas to improve the interface design
    • Use data driven decisions to optimize and perfect the user experience
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