Web 2.0 Design

Web 2.0 Design means visual simplicity, remove visual elements that do not have any function.

What is common to all magic web 2.0 design is the feeling of clean and uncluttered pages. It allows the user to focus on the content without being distracted by visual noise.

It sounds a bit like the Bauhaus and modernism design ideology. Remove everything that is not needed and in the end what remains will be your perfect design.

But how do you determine
what is needed and what not?

Often, Web designers base these decisions on emotions and feelings.
But should you base your business decisions on feelings and emotions?

Feelings often differ from person to person. In the end what matters is not what one single individual thinks but whether the Design helps you reach your vision.
Don't get me wrong. I think your intuition can be a great source for ideas. But I don't think you should run your business on them. I believe in data driven decisions. That means use your intuition to create innovative ideas and test them first to see how they're helping you achieve your goals.

Users like simple and easy to grasp concepts. We think design needs
to communicate who you are. Unstructured information is a true nightmare for customers, don't put as many things on the website as possible.

Prioritize instead.

Prepare for clean and uncluttered pages. A web 2.0 site is where you go to experience something different. Choose usability over design. Ease of use must be the main criteria for adoption.

Don't end up looking exactly the same as your competitor's websites. Allow us to help you make a lasting impression by creating something new, fresh and different.

Brains4All are long time professionals who have been working on the Internet since 1993. In addition to our experience we've created a design process that helps us define what is needed without ambiguity, when it is finished, at the high quality you deserve for a fixed amount of cost. Guaranteed!
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