If you've ever had any negative experience with other agencies before and wondered why they just didn't perform, this might be the most important information you'll every read.

Agile Approach

Brains4All is the first agency to have effectively applied Agile Processes to Design services as well as software and web application development.

The Agile Approach process Brains4All uses involves the incremental and iterative development and design of web applications, graphic and web site design. The priority in the process is delivering customer value as early as possible in the process. They focus is on decreasing complexity and increasing usability through simplicity for you.

For you as a customer this has some significant benefits:

  • Guaranteed applicability of Scope
    Means you get what you need
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
    Means it's done when it is supposed to be done no surprises
  • Guaranteed on-budget delivery
    Means pricing on individual functionalities is agreed upon beforehand and will not be exceeded
  • Guaranteed High Quality software and design
    Means you have tangible quality control instruments like acceptance and unit testing to make sure you receive the highest quality work
  • Flexible and Adaptive process
    Means we're able to accommodate change and developing insights in your organization DURING the executing of your project
  • Produce re-usable code and designs
    Means to build only what is needed once and only once
  • A Clear Project Plan and Project Goals in non-technical terms and jargon
    Means it is easy to understand what's going on.
  • Insight and Access to Development Server and Sources
    Means you can see the true progress in working software of your project.
  • Open and honest communication on company extra-net
    Means a continuous dialog of feedback improves end product applicability and usability
  • Ability to terminate the project early
    Means you can stop working with people you don't trust

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