Design And Usability

How to combine design and usability to make your web site more simple and easy to use.

We're a small Dutch company that love to build simple web applications. We focus on Design and Usability. We've used Agile techniques from day, long before it was called "Getting Real". :)

Simple is our keyword.

What if you could do a project with a combination of Usability and UI Consulting and Design?

That would have the advantage of combining two seperate phases of doing first consulting and then designing. To you this means you will save on development of your new UI and Design. By integrating UI consultancy and Design your project can be completed sooner as well. This means you save on investment costs and have an earlier return on investment as well.

In short combining design and usability can help you:

  • See Usabilty consulting already implemented in a Design.
  • Get Real feedback on the actual Design
  • Improve implementation cost and time on your end.
  • Save you time and money.
  • Get better results.

For Web Application Development and Consulting:

  • Design and Usability
  • Design and Internet Marketing
  • Internet Consulting, Coaching and Training
  • Ruby on Rails Development
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